MedOne Why Not Home: Healthcare Achievement Awards 2021

Jess Deyo
Columbus CEO
MedOne's Dr. Stephen Behnke

MedOne Why Not Home, finalist, Healthcare Trailblazer, Columbus CEO Healthcare Achievement Awards 2021

MedOne’s “Why Not Home” program, offered in all OhioHealth hospitals, offers an alternative for patients after their hospital stay. The physicians behind the program saw that the options post-release, which are to be sent home or to a continued-care facility, didn’t account for a gray area including patients who didn’t truly qualify for either. In that instance, patients are more likely to go to a facility, resulting in over-utilized resources.

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The program changes that narrative, offering specialized caregiver training so patients can receive care from the comfort of their home. The program saved $5.2 million in Medicare FFS and Medicare Advantage populations in its 2020 fiscal year.

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