Guest Blog: Moving to Grow

Dan Draper

An office move or expansion is an exciting time for a company. But, it’s more than just a chance to shake up your surroundings, it’s also an opportunity to elevate and reposition your corporate image with your employees, customers and business partners. In addition to working through the logistics of such a transition, companies can use this time as a blank slate to strategically think through how a new environment can add value to the business overall.

Improving the Employee Experience

Companies choose downtown Columbus and premier office spaces around the city for many reasons, one of which is to attract smart and skilled employees. In addition to bustling new neighborhoods or a serene suburban setting, a modern office space can encourage creativity with collaborative work spaces, exposed brick interiors, original wood-beam ceilings and impressive views of downtown or natural locales. Many amenities can add to the appeal. Traditional features such as a gym complete with modern equipment, in-house dining or even out-of-the-box idea like Plaskolite has with an on-site doctor’s office for employees and their families to utilize at their convenience can make a huge difference in terms of employee experience.

Office adjustments like the ones mentioned above can boost employee communication, camaraderie and the overall day-to-day experience, making your business environment one of enjoyment, rather than dread. When moving into a new space, you have blank slate to work from. Use it.  Don’t just replicate an office that can be found everywhere else. 

A Reflection of Reputation

If a new client or potential business partner were to walk into your office for the first time, what would be their first impression? Whether you’re settling into a new space or not, your office projects an image of your company – make sure this representation is accurate.

Through the choices for décor and architecture, a company can showcase its culture and personality. Office guests and recruits can easily get a feel for what the company and its values are all about.  Embrace who you are with a space that reflects it, don’t create a space that tries to be what you aren’t. These culture reflecting features, coupled with tech-enabled office innovations allow you to make the best impression when it comes to new business and partnership opportunities, whether in-person or via video conference.

As companies shift spaces, it’s crucial to make sure the new office and its amenities accurately set the tone for important meetings. If you’re a startup or manufacturer, does your space reflect innovation? If you conduct conference calls from around the world, do you have the technology to accommodate those meetings? If investors regularly visit, would your environment reflect the professionalism they would want in a new partner? Think of your office as another opportunity to sell your company what it stands for and what it can bring to the table. 

A new office move is an exciting time, and it can be the perfect time for companies to assess and strengthen the image being projected to key stakeholders. Take this opportunity to set the tone for your company and put your best foot forward with your associates, clients and business partners.

Dan Draper is Marketing Director for Plaskolite, North America’s largest manufacturer of acrylic and polycarbonate sheet. Dan is currently focused on helping fabricators and designers utilize thermoplastics for signage, glazing and display applications in ways that let their customers’ brands shine through. Dan graduated from The Ohio State University with degrees in Finance and Economics and received his MBA from The University of Dayton. Plaskolite recently moved into the Buggyworks Building in the Arena District.

Dan Draper