A new way of seeing ColumbUS

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO

See Columbus business and community leaders and others—even yourself—as never before in the As We Are interactive art exhibit at the newly expanded and remodeled Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Giving photo booths a whole new meaning, the 14-foot-tall 3D installation is a human head sculpture created by experiential artist and designer Matthew Mohr, an associate professor of advertising and design atColumbus College of Art & Design.

Ribbons of LED screens capture 3D pictures taken in the exhibit’s special photo booth and display them on a rotating head that is 17 times larger than life. One image fades into the next, inviting viewers to see what Mohr calls “a rolling landscape of human diversity.”

The exhibit is the signature piece among hundreds of local artworks on display throughout a $140 million upgrade that expanded and renovated the convention center Downtown. As We Are was built byDesign Communications Ltd. of Boston and commissioned specifically for the convention center by its owner, the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority.

A number of community and business leaders have already visited the exhibit to see how they are depicted, including Columbus Foundation President and CEO Doug Kridler and Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. A $75,000 grant from the foundation will help maintain the As We Are visitor experience for the coming year.

Photos byEllen Dallager