Editor's notes: Columbus is …

Mary Yost

Being editor of a business magazine allows for a unique look into the good business done in Columbus.

One of the perks (or burdens) of my role as editor is that sometimes local groups invite me to speak to them. It may be the allure of the media or my vantage point as an observer of the Columbus business community, but it's flattering to be asked, even if my schedule doesn't always let me accept.

I may not get to share my perspective with your favorite civic club, but you might enjoy the key points I included in a recent talk to Probus Club Columbus, a group of retired and semi-retired business and professional people. Even as a lifelong area resident, my heightened exposure to business in Columbus these past three years has given me new appreciation for how work gets done here. See if you agree with my observations.

Columbus is charitable. Examples abound of how business leaders in Columbus give dollars as well as time and know-how to causes they believe are important. Think Big Lots, L Brands, Nationwide and Thirty-One Gifts to name just a few. The Columbus Foundation provides guidance and a forum for giving. See more in the Giving Guide we'll distribute jointly withColumbus Monthly in December.

Columbus is collaborative.That word comes up weekly to describe how local corporate leaders join forces to tackle concerns or create opportunities to move Columbus forward. A culture of collaboration helped Columbus win the Smart City Challenge as well as praise from the Harvard Business School.

Columbus is creative.The Columbus College of Art & Design is one driver of the creative economy here. Global retailers L Brands, Express and Abercrombie & Fitch have helped make Columbus third in the nation for most fashion designers.

Columbus is curious.Curiosity is increasingly named by local businesses as a key attribute for leadership. The Columbus Partnership even took a Curiosity Trip last year to explore business lessons in Silicon Valley. Executives of Alliance Data and White Castle returned with a new zeal for asking questions.

Columbus is diverse.Minorities are becoming majorities across the country, and Columbus reflects that trend. A year ago we explored the impact of the growing Indian population in Columbus, and this issue looks at immigration's impact on business here. More than a presidential campaign hot button, immigration is a vehicle for economic development and a more robust workforce.

Columbus is entrepreneurial.The energy around startups is contagious here. From yesterday's Cheryl & Co., L Brands, Wendy's and Value City Furniture to the more recent Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, Hot Chicken Takeover, CrossChx and Homage, Columbus has earned a reputation for birthing some of the nation's most successful business concepts.

Columbus is global.Jerrie Mock gained fame by flying solo around the world in 1964 and local businesses continue to build a worldwide following. Logistics hubs with air cargo, rail lines and easy access to interstates around Rickenbacker as well as John Glenn International Airport help move products in and out of the city. E-commerce companies that have chosen to grow in Columbus, such as zulily and Gwynnie Bee, also expand the city's wide reach.

Columbus is innovative.Innovation and an entrepreneurial bent go hand in hand. Thankfully both attributes are in abundance in central Ohio. Innovation is seeing a gigantic billboard, like Orange Barrel Media does, where others see the side of a Downtown building. It's seeing an opportunity for unexpected customer service, like Quantum Health does, where others see an unnavigable morass of health benefits.

Columbus is smart.We've known for a while that Columbus is smart, and now the rest of the country is learning that, too. As business, education, nonprofits and government are about to demonstrate, winning the $50 million Smart City Challenge is the perfect showcase for the Columbus Way-our signature style of coming together to see problems as opportunities to demonstrate this city's many great attributes.

I apologize if your company or cause isn't noted above. That's why we publish every month-to try to tell more of the great business stories in central Ohio.