Guest Blog: Small Central Ohio Businesses Can Make a Big Difference

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO

By Bill Hutter

Make a difference. Give back. Find a cure.

This ambitious to-do list is not just assigned to big corporations with even bigger budgets. While organizations have benefitted greatly from the generous contributions from many large Central Ohio-based companies, it's now time to shine the spotlight on the small and mid-sized companies who are making an impact, every day. Because no donation is too small, and everyone's time has immeasurable value.

Small and mid-sized business owners are talented, enthusiastic, collaborative, hardworking, dedicated and engrained in the fabric of the Central Ohio community. They are natural-born leaders who are driven by their work and passionate about various causes, both on the local and national levels.

But, more often than not, many small business and startup CEOs feel as though they can't really make a difference until they are able to contribute more financially.

This is a common misconception. As the leaders of tomorrow, small-business and startup owners can encourage a commitment to community service that will help set the tone for their companies.

Many are already doing this. Small-business owners and their employees serve on community and nonprofit boards, volunteer their time and give regularly to various organizations through bi-weekly payroll deduction.

Companies can start small and work towards a goal to give back. Identify your philosophy and commit to search for the opportunities that make an impact.

This pledge to give back and work together, no matter the company size, teaches Central Ohio an important lesson-a company doesn't need to be large to make an impact with its giving. Every dollar counts. Ever volunteer serves a purpose. The gift of time is often given with more passion and can make a lasting impression on an individual or an organization.

In addition to one-time donations, consider encouraging and supporting CEOs, employees and co-workers to volunteer, give, or participate in missions or events that support the greater good.

How will you help? An attitude of gratitude is all it takes.

CEO of Sequent Inc.and chair of the American Cancer Society Columbus Cattle Baron's Ball.