Tech roundup: CoolTechGirls to host techno-fashion event

Julie Bhusal Sharma

iCal:Techno-Fashion | May 21

Tech is infused in many industries and fashion is no exception. Bond with your 8- to 18-year-old daughter during this 2-hour event on how digitization helps bring fashion design concepts from start to finish and how data analytics come into play in making clothing just the right size. For more information,

It's Electric:Orbit City Bikes offers electric Virtue Schoolbus+

Move aside bike buggy, Orbit City Bikes on North High Street is now offering an electric bike that has room for an adult rider and four small children in a buggy-like "school bus" at the front of the bike where children can sit across from one another to chat and enjoy the ride. We are thinking this is the perfect solution for running errands with kids this summer when electric assist is needed for the heavy load. For more information,