Stolen in 1955, famous 'inverted Jenny' stamp resurfaces

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Columbus CEO

NEW YORK (AP) — One of the longest mysteries in the stamp-collecting world is getting a new chapter.

An "inverted Jenny" stamp stolen in 1955 surfaced last week at a New York auction house. The auctioneer, Spink USA, says it was submitted by someone who had inherited it.

The Philadelphia-based American Philatelic Research Library was given title to the stamp decades ago and is working with Spink USA and legal authorities to reclaim it.

The 1918 stamp features an airplane printed upside-down. It's considered America's most famous stamp.

The prospective consigner hasn't been publicly identified. It's unclear whether the person had any idea it was one of four Jennys taken from a 1955 stamp convention.

Two others were recovered in the 1980s and '70s.

The 24-cent stamps fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars today.