Hawaii moves to crack down on campsite rentals on Airbnb

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Columbus CEO

HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaii lawmakers are taking aim at a burgeoning vacation rental market: online brokers offering up tents to tourists on the islands' world-class beaches and public parks.

The state Senate passed legislation Thursday cracking down on a growing trend of campsites advertised as vacation rentals on websites such as Airbnb. There, some luxury campsites are listed for $40 to $100 a night.

The ads feature campsites in state parks, backyards or on beaches that aren't necessarily legal.

The bill makes it harder for online lodging services to list campsites by requiring them to verify the listings are legal before they're posted.

The popularity of tent rentals isn't limited to Hawaii. Officials in other areas, like New York, have targeted illegal short-term rentals, but Hawaii's emphasis on campsites appears to be unique.