Fast food workers protest in front of Disneyland Paris

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Columbus CEO

PARIS (AP) — Fast food workers and union members have held a protest at a McDonald's restaurant at Disneyland Paris to demand higher wages and an end to the use of tax havens by multinational corporations.

About 100 people, many waving red union flags, gathered peacefully for the protest Thursday as customers slipped behind them to buy hamburgers.

The workers are demanding a monthly minimum wage for fast food workers of 1,800 euros ($2,033).

CGT union representatives also evoked anger at revelations of offshore accounts and suspected tax dodging by companies.

McDonald's France said in a statement that it "deplores" the protest and hopes for peaceful dialogue. It said the company has reached about 100 labor agreements with unions in the Paris region since 2008, but didn't provide details on wage negotiations.

Protester Amel Ketfi said they want "1,800 euros, which is a minimum for a decent living, in order to pay its rent and eat. It is a minimum for all of us, not only fast food employees."

In the U.S., protesters calling for pay of $15 an hour are expected to hold demonstrations at McDonald's stores around the country Thursday. McDonald's said it gives American workers access to a program that helps them with education and is raising starting wages.