Tech roundup: Mayor Ginther reacts to upcoming drone use surge with hopes of Columbus urban mobility plan

Julie Bhusal Sharma

Internet of Things: Taivara and InterDigital partner

Columbus technology commercialization studio, Taivara, and InterDigital, a mobile communications enhancement company, announced plans to team up and develop multi-factor authentication for Internet of Things edge devices. This means that IoT service providers and system administrators will be able to know when there is a gap in security. So, it's a safe thing to say this MFA for IoS is a secure development.

Drone Update: Licking County gets authorization for drone use, Mayor Ginther prepares for upcoming business drone use in Columbus

If you've read our April issue, you'll know that drones will only get more popular as pending provisions for commercial drone use are finalized this spring. In the meantime, governments and companies are still seeking a Section 333 exemption for drone use until Part 107 is passed in the near future-with Licking County being one of them. Licking County just received authorization to fly its drone after operating it previously and realizing the county was not complying with FAA regulations. The county plans to use the drone for projects such as Buckeye Lake dam reconstruction.

Last week, Mayor Andrew Ginther visited the Pac Center Campus to converse with other cities about driverless cars, drones and urban mobility. Ginther stated that due to how quickly urban mobility is changing with drone and driverless car advances, he will create an urban mobility plan for Columbus.