Analysts: New inversion rules will kill Pfizer-Allergan deal

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Columbus CEO

Drugmakers Pfizer and Allergan are scrambling to determine whether to proceed with their plan to merge and move Pfizer's address — but not its operations or headquarters — to lower-tax Ireland. They are taking another look after the Treasury Department issued new rules to make such "tax inversion" deals less profitable.

Both companies are mum on what they'll do.

But analysts and tax experts are debating whether the new, unexpectedly aggressive tax law changes issued late Monday will kill the deal.

Most say they will call it off, but that they don't expect a quick decision.

If the companies abandon the deal, the experts disagree on what Pfizer's Plan B will be and on the prospects for the biggest U.S.-based drugmaker without the proposed $160 billion Allergan acquisition and inversion.