Lawyers clash over ignition switch claims in 2nd GM case

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Columbus CEO

NEW YORK (AP) — Lawyers have clashed in closing arguments over whether a faulty ignition switch was to blame for a Louisiana fender-bender involving a General Motors car.

The differing opinions were offered Tuesday in Manhattan federal court.

Jurors will decide the legitimacy of civil claims by a man and woman who say they were hurt in the January 2014 accident.

The trial will be used as a blueprint to define legal boundaries for similar unsettled claims against the automaker.

Under certain conditions, ignition switch fell into the off position, making it difficult to steer or stop.

Plaintiffs' attorney Randall Jackson told jurors the defect was to blame in this crash.

General Motors attorney Mike Brock said it was not. He says the crash resulted from ice on a busy New Orleans bridge.