Tech roundup: Rev1 portfolio company Brand Thunder partners with Visicom to expand web possibilities

Julie Bhusal Sharma

Tech Fuse: Visicom Meets Brand Thunder

This week, Dublin-based Brand Thunder entered a strategic partnership with Québec-based Visicom Media in order to roll out a new line of web offerings. The theme of the products? That's to be decided, but Brand Thunder's speciality happens to be web themes (with clients such as The Huffington Post) while Visicom Media's is Internet application technologies-so we can't wait to see what's to come of the fuse. Did we mention Brand Thunder is a Rev1 portfolio company?

iCal: Bridging the Gap Between Personalization & Web Analytics | May 5

Web analytics can do more than just show how many views your site gets each day. That's why Sumithra Jagannath, president of Zed Digital, will lead a workshop to help companies understand the depth of web analytics and take advantage of the personalization that can come with data-driven websites by adapting to each web visitor. "Segmentation" and "geo-personalization" are just a few topics that will be covered and terms that will be defined in this early morning session. For more event information, visit

Accolades: Cybervation receives proclamation by City of Dublin

In honor of last week's National Entrepreneurship Week, Cybervation, a Dublin IT company was presented with a proclamation by the City of Dublin due to Cybervation founder Purba Majumder's community involvement. Majumder and the City of Dublin launched CoolTechGirls, a nonprofit to expose girls to STEM topics, in 2013.