Small Business Spotlight: Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa

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Columbus CEO

Spa combines art and science to customize beauty treatments for clients.

While attending Columbus College of Art & Design, Jaclyn Peresetsky became obsessed with faces. She loved studying them and capturing them in her artwork. Her interest was further sparked by her part-time job at a makeup counter where she used her artistic talents to help women make their faces more beautiful.

The more time she spent interacting with her makeup clients, the more she realized she was not suited to spend her days alone in an art studio. She enrolled in an esthetician course and found her true calling.

The CEO of Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa says her art background coupled with time spent working with plastic surgeons lead her to create a skin care business that blends beauty with science and medical innovations. She traveled the country taking classes on advanced techniques to use in situations ranging from burn patients to cosmetic surgeries.

"I really have found a way to blend all that knowledge," says Peresetsky.

When designing her spa, Peresetsky says she wanted a more relaxed mood than medical offices but with a greater focus on personalized treatments than a conventional day spa.

"We're not a fluff spa," she says. "We're here to help you lead a better, happier, more confident life."

It's a niche that has served Peresetsky well, says her business coach, Meredith Liepelt.

"The science and the artistry-that's the unique thing," Liepelt says. "She brings both sides together to help women look and feel their best."

Longtime client Jennifer Fountain agrees. "I learn something new about my skin every time," she says. "She's so very knowledgeable. It's not just about the art of being pretty. It's the science of taking good care of yourself."

Liepelt praises Peresetsky for her willingness to go after her dreams. "She's definitely not afraid of risk," she says. "When she has an idea, she will pursue it without fear."

The journey has not been without some tough lessons, says Peresetsky, who still marvels that in the early days she paid $4,000 a month in rent rather than find her own space.

"All my mistakes have been my business degree."

Of course, she also had many successes and entrepreneurial moments along the way.

When she opened her first solo salon, it was in the midst of the recession. Worried that customers would skip their skin treatments because of financial concerns, she started selling memberships. In exchange for agreeing to monthly visits, members got discounted services. The solution suited her and her clients. They liked saving money and Peresetsky created a steady revenue stream for the business.

She also developed a color identification system that helps people identify their best colors for makeup, clothing and hair. She is in the process of patenting the technique and hopes to license it to other salons across the country.

She has created a line of cosmetics to accompany the system. The initiative, which cost $100,000, has increased profit margins and built customer loyalty. "We have people from all over the country that order the products," says Peresetsky, whose second book, Smart Skin is Perfect Skin, will publish this spring.

She opened her third location in Naples in 2015. The city, which she calls "Buckeye south," was a natural spot because so many of her clients travel there.

She's in the midst of launching her newest venture-virtual skin analysis. The plan calls for Peresetsky and a few of her long-time employees to see clients over the Internet using video calls, photographs and in-depth questioning to make their recommendations. It's a service they already offer on a small scale to local clients who have moved or travel a lot, she says.

"It's a way for us to make our Skin Perfect experts available to people across the country without having the stress and expense of building brick-and-mortar stores," she says. "We want to be the ones to create the pathway for this type of service."

Melissa Kossler Dutton is a freelance writer.

Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa

Locations: 2117 Polaris Parkway, Columbus 43240 and 1061 Bethel Rd., Columbus 43220; also in Naples, Fla.

Business: Lifestyle spa focused on image wellness with a beauty philosophy of embracing clients' natural uniqueness to look their best.Services include color, makeup, skincare and permanent makeup; memberships available.

Owner: Jaclyn Peresetsky

Employees: 26

2015 revenue: $1 million+