Jonathan Fahey named AP global health editor

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Columbus CEO

NEW YORK (AP) — Jonathan Fahey, a veteran business reporter and editor, has been named global health editor for The Associated Press, overseeing a team of journalists to cover medicine, public health, the health care business and consumer health issues.

The appointment was announced Monday by Marjorie Miller, AP's vice president of global news and enterprise.

"We are fortunate to have such a talented editor as Jon to lead this team," Miller said. "He is enthusiastic, driven and a creative thinker. He enjoys experimenting with new forms of story-telling for all platforms."

Fahey, 45, currently the AP's global markets editor, brings a deep passion for the sciences to the job, which is based in New York. He is also attuned to growing consumer demand for information on health and medical issues such as disease, aging and fitness.

Fahey previously worked as the AP's national energy reporter. Prior to joining the news agency, he spent a decade as a reporter and associate editor of Forbes, where he covered energy and technology and wrote a science column. He had a Knight Science Journalism fellowship at MIT, where he focused on biology, neuroscience, climate and ecology. He is a graduate of Connecticut College.