2 jets evacuated in bomb scares at New Delhi airport

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NEW DELHI (AP) — Security personnel evacuated two aircraft at New Delhi's international airport Thursday after receiving an anonymous phone call of explosives being placed on the planes in a third such scare affecting Indian airlines in less than 24 hours.

It was not immediately known if any explosive was found. Passengers and crew were taken off an Air India domestic flight from New Delhi to the eastern city of Bhubaneshwar and their baggage was being checked, Press Trust of India said.

Separately, passengers of a Royal Nepal Airlines jet from New Delhi to Nepal's capital, Kathmandu, were also ordered off the plane at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Both aircraft were taken to isolation bays and were being searched.

The airport control room received a call from a man who said there was a bomb on the Nepal-bound plane. He also said there was a "problem" with the Air India aircraft, police said. They did not give any further details.

All 155 passengers and nine crew members of the Kathmandu flight and the 186 passengers and crew of the Air India flight were evacuated.

Late Wednesday, the passengers and crew of an Air India jetliner were evacuated at Bangkok's international airport after an apparent bomb hoax.