Romania sends Moldova 200 tons of sugar, emergency aid

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CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) — Moldovan authorities say nine trucks carrying 200 tons of sugar have arrived from Romania and will be distributed to the most vulnerable people in the impoverished nation.

The trucks arrived Thursday in the Moldovan capital, the first shipment of 1,100 tons of food Romania promised Moldova in January.

Romania's ambassador to Moldova, Marius Lazurca, said Romania would send more sugar, tinned food, and other foodstuff in the following weeks. It will also send 16,000 tons of heating oil.

Sugar will be delivered to schools and social welfare assistants will distribute it to elderly people. Moldova's deputy premier, Gheorghe Brega, said food has been stolen from the food reserves of the former Soviet republic.

The World Bank said that in 2014, about 46 percent of Moldovans lived on $5 a day.