How states rate on issue of tampon tax across the country

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A national push to abolish sales tax on tampons is gaining steam. Here's how states rate on the issue:


States considering legislation to abolish the tampon tax:

— California (state sales tax is 7.5 percent)

— Connecticut (state sales tax is 6.35 percent)

— Illinois (state sales tax is 6.25 percent)

— Michigan (state sales tax is 6 percent)

— New York (state sales tax is 4 percent)

— Virginia (state sales tax is 6 percent)

— Wisconsin (state sales tax is 5 percent)

A bill failed earlier this session in Utah, where the state sales tax is 4.7 percent.


States that do not tax tampons and sanitary pads:

— Maryland

— Massachusetts

— Minnesota

— New Jersey

— Pennsylvania


States with no sales tax:

— Alaska

— Delaware

— Montana

— New Hampshire

— Oregon



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