Greece says IMF delaying talks on austerity compliance

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Columbus CEO

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greece's finance minister is blaming the International Monetary Fund for delays in the latest review of the financially-struggling country's compliance with creditor-imposed austerity measures.

Euclid Tsakalotos told Parliament on Thursday that Greece's positions are "very close" to those of its European creditors. But he said that the IMF, which is also contributing to the bailout loans that have kept the country afloat since 2010, is pressing Greece to further cut pensions.

Tsakalotos said the IMF is also pressing the European creditors to take stronger action in addressing the country's crippling debt load.

Top-level negotiations on the review started early February, and were suspended a month ago. Tsakalotos expressed concern at the delay.

Completion of the talks will release bailout funds for Greece and clear the way for debt relief talks.