Court: Artist can sue UPS in state court over lost paintings

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Columbus CEO

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — The Florida Supreme Court says an artist can sue UPS in state court over two paintings taken from their shipping tube while in transit and sold at auction.

The court ruled Thursday that artist Ivana Vidovic Mlinar's lawsuit can go to trial, rejecting UPS' argument that federal law applies.

Mlinar didn't purchase insurance in 2005 when she shipped her paintings, "Advice" and "The Messenger," from a Florida package store using UPS. The paintings were headed to a New York City exhibit. She valued them at $30,000.

While the paintings were with UPS, someone opened the shipping tube and removed them. UPS told Mlinar the paintings had been lost. The package store paid her $100.

UPS sold the paintings for an unknown fee to a company that auctioned them.