Oregon governor signs landmark minimum wage bill into law

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Columbus CEO

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon's governor has signed trailblazing legislation that will raise the minimum wage to nearly $15 in six years and do so through a three-tiered system that has not been tried anywhere else in the country.

Gov. Kate Brown signed the legislation Wednesday.

The increases over six years surpass those adopted by any other state so far.

What makes the Oregon approach especially different is that the minimums will be based on where workers are employed.

Portland's minimum will rise to $14.75 by 2022, smaller cities to $13.50 and rural areas to $12.50. The tiered approach is based on economic factors.

The first increases will occur in July, when the current $9.25 hourly rate will go up by 50 cents in Portland and smaller cities and 25 cents in rural communities.