Key dates in E. coli outbreak linked to Chipotle

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Columbus CEO

On Friday authorities expanded the number of states where E. coli cases linked to an outbreak at Chipotle restaurants have been reported. Forty-five people have been infected, with 43 of them saying they ate at Chipotle in the week before they became sick. An investigation continues.

Key dates:

—Oct. 31: Authorities announce an investigation into a food-borne illness tied to Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. restaurants in Washington and Oregon. The restaurant chain voluntarily closes 43 sites in the two states.

— Nov. 3: Washington health officials identify the specific microorganism responsible for the E. coli outbreak.

—Nov. 9: Washington health officials say testing fails to identify the exact source for the outbreak.

—Nov. 11: Chipotle reopens stores in Washington and Oregon that it voluntarily closed after after giving them a deep cleaning and ordering a fresh supply of ingredients.

—Nov. 20: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the E. coli outbreak had spread to six states. New cases are reported in California, New York and Ohio. Previous cases were also reported in Minnesota, along with those in Washington and Oregon.