Pennsylvania judges propose record $50M fine against Uber

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Columbus CEO

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Judges for the Pennsylvania agency that regulates buses and taxis are recommending a record $50 million fine against ride-sharing company Uber for operating in the state without approval.

Two administrative law judges issued an initial decision Tuesday, subject to approval by the Public Utility Commission, to punish Uber Technologies Inc. for rides by its subsidiaries from February 2014 until it received experimental authority six months later.

The 55-page decision says Uber argued it didn't run afoul of PUC rules because it's a software company whose services aren't necessarily available to the public at large.

But the judges say Uber took a more active role and was not "a disinterested invisible entity in the background."

Company spokesman Taylor Bennett says Uber is extremely disappointed and hopes to come to a "reasonable resolution" after being unable to settle with the commission.