Hunt for the Pen: Columbus CEO challenges you to find the ubiquitous #HuntingtonPen in the most unusual places

Julie Bhusal Sharma

Rumor has it that any given Huntington pen is owned by an average of 42 people during its lifetime and fact says there are over 32 million of the promotional product out there. The Columbus CEO staff doesn't find that hard to believe, as we've spotted the little green pen all over town-from church, to an Indian grocery store-and even another bank! Talk about friendly competition!

So, to complement our December feature, Power of the Pen by Melissa Kossler Dutton, we have a challenge for you-take a photo of the pen everywhere you see it! We want to capture its presence in photos. So, just post your photos of the Huntington pen and note where you saw it on Twitter or Facebook and just tag it with #HuntingtonPen and @columbusceomag.

Your post may be featured in our compilation of our favorite finds from readers on CEO Live December 1. So let the hunt begin! And, if you need some pen-spiration, take a look at our own finds:

Editor Mary Yost discovered the pen at St. John's Evangelical Protestant Church Downtown. She also found the pen showing its patriotism at the polls on November 3.

Meanwhile, Art Director Yogesh Chaudhary snapped a photo of his friend at India Grocers. Looks like the pen needed a workout after all that food-so it also crept up on our designer at Premier at Sawmill Athletic Center.

The pen also has the power to prescribe. Associate Editor Kitty McConnell was welcomed by the pen at a pharmacy drive-thru.

Though I have not spotted the pen yet, I am on the hunt for the #HuntingtonPen!

-Julie France