This Can't Wait: Good-luck charms!

Mary Yost

Is your rabbit's foot ready? You'll want to have it handy if you're a superstitious sort as this week wraps up with Friday the 13th. We've already survived two Friday the 13ths this year in February and March, so if the third is a charm, all should end well.

The week is likely to be lucky for current and former military personnel as they are honored on Wednesday for Veterans Day, or all week at Columbus State Community College. Columbus State is #3 on Military Times' 2016 list of Best for Vets among US community colleges. A Veterans Resource Fair scheduled for midday Thursday might be one of the reasons the school ranks so highly. Many local companies are champions for hiring veterans, as noted in this article from our July issue.

Columbus is lucky for entrepreneurs, according to the Columbus chapter of Entrepreneurs' Organization. The annual EO Global Entrepreneur Indicator report puts Columbus ahead of global trends for employment, net profit and revenue trends and generally ahead of Cincinnati and Cleveland on those indicators. The report says 75 percent of Columbus entrepreneurs saw employment increase in the last six months, compared to 57 percent in Cincinnati and 70 percent in Cleveland with just 58 percent globally. Our current issue includes the Columbus Chamber of Commerce's lessons from entrepreneurs.

Most leaders make their own luck. Coach and consultant Richard Needles offers insights from the new Marshall Goldsmith book Triggers: Sparking Positive Change and Making it Last Thursday morning at Franklin University. The free program is part of the university's Hall Leadership Lessons. See more on executive coaches from this popular article in our May issue.

If you suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia, you may already be planning to take a sick day on Friday. Here's something to make you feel better: There is only one Friday the 13th in 2016 (May) andjust two in 2017.

Friday will be especially lucky for our annual recognition ofCEOs of the Year. That's when the December issue delivers. Hint: One of the winners is a spirited pair of co-owners.