Boston mayor, city councilors seek hefty pay raises

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Columbus CEO

BOSTON (AP) — Boston's mayor and City Council are looking for pay raises.

Mayor Marty Walsh filed a proposal Monday giving his office a $24,000 raise to $199,000 a year. He also proposed raising councilor salaries by $12,000 to $99,500.

Not to be outdone, City Council President Bill Linehan proposed to boost pay on the 13-member panel by $17,500, from $87,500 to $105,000. He also proposed giving the mayor a $35,000 raise, from $175,000 to $210,000.

Last year the council controversially approved a $20,000 pay raise, only to have Walsh veto it. An independent city board earlier this month proposed a $9,500 council raise that Linehan called "totally inadequate."

Walsh on Monday called his proposal a fair compromise and said he wouldn't take his pay raise, if approved. Linehan didn't immediately comment.