Destination car charging available for electric car owners at Ohio inns

Julie Bhusal Sharma

To add to destination weddings is now destination car charging-only this getaway will refill cars instead of drain them.

Electric car owners can now charge their vehicles at five inns and bed and breakfasts throughout Ohio as they drop in for a meal, massage, hike or stay overnight. For guests, a battery recharge of 58 miles worth of power is free of cost; for those passing through, it's a $15 fee. Although Tesla has spearheaded the project along with Select Registry, an online guide to destination lodgings, the new destination sites will include two types of chargers for compatibility with Teslas as well as other brands.

Ohio inn and bed and breakfast electric car charger destinations include:

The charger installations will likely encourage more Columbus residents to adopt electric cars and will prove especially convenient for current Tesla owners. There is only one Tesla charger station in central Ohio, located at the Derby Square Shopping Center in Grove City, apart from the newly added destination chargers.

Ohio lodgings have already experienced increased tourism traffic. Within two hours of Tesla's release of recharging stations at White Oak Inn, the inn received reservations from electric car owners.

-Julie France