Samsung removes online cartoons after anti-Semitism row

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Columbus CEO

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — A Samsung company removed cartoons attacking a U.S. hedge fund's founder as a ravenous, big-beaked vulture after Jewish organizations protested similar smears in South Korea's media.

The fund, Elliott, is opposing a takeover deal between Samsung companies that critics say will ensure Samsung's founding family retains outsized influence over the conglomerate.

One of the companies, Samsung C&T, posted cartoons online that depicted Elliott's founder Paul Singer as a vulture-like figure.

Last week, Jewish organizations asked Samsung and South Korea's government to denounce anti-Semitic stereotypes in local media.

A business news website withdrew a column in which it called Elliott "Jewish money" and "ruthless and merciless."

Samsung C&T said the cartoons were a sensitive issue and asked The Associated Press not to publish a story before a crucial shareholder meeting.