Colleges in Cuba, US build ties as diplomatic tensions ease

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Columbus CEO

BOSTON (AP) — Colleges in the U.S. and Cuba are building new academic ties as tensions ease between the countries.

Several American universities have recently agreed to exchange programs with Cuba after the U.S. loosened travel restrictions. Those schools include Auburn University, the University of the District of Columbia and California State University, Fullerton.

One expert compared it to a "gold rush" toward Cuba.

Business schools have been especially keen on the island, in part because it could be a future business frontier for students.

Some U.S. universities are also interested in recruiting new students from Cuba. Some have started to plan admissions trips to the island, and the GRE will soon be offered there. But some experts caution that the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba will continue to hamper relations.


This story has been corrected to show that the name of the school is California State University, Fullerton, not University of California in Fullerton.