Despite cold-shortened season, US maple syrup production up

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Columbus CEO

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Colder-than-normal temperatures shortened maple sugaring season in the Northeast this year, but overall syrup production in the U.S. still managed to stay strong.

The United States Department of Agriculture says maple syrup production was up 6.3 percent this season from a year ago, with a number of states reporting an increase in tree taps.

The country produced 3.4 million gallons in 2015, with Vermont — the country's largest maple producer — yielding about 40 percent of the total, or 1.3 million gallons. New York produced 601,000 gallons, followed by Maine at 553,000 gallons.

The yields per tap and the number of taps were up in most states in the Northeast.

Colder temperatures in February and March — which is when sap is collected — shortened the season by three days.