Columbus Domino's franchise owner earns prestigious award

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO

He may have started off as just a delivery driver, but Columbus's own Brian Edler is now being celebrated as an elite award-winning Domino's franchise owner.

Edler received the International Franchise Association Gold Franny Award for operational excellence, the highest and most prestigious award possible for a Domino's franchise owner to receive and one that aims to honor excellence among franchise owners.

The owner of what is now a total of 11 Domino's stores bought his first Domino's franchise in 1989, and has committed to furthering his business ever since. He has made a commitment to connect with the community, and all 11 of his franchises are located in Columbus and the surrounding area.

What Edler has built and provided to the community is equally matched by what Domino's has given to him.

"Domino's has delivered, to me and my family, the dream of now owning and operating my own business," says Edler in a recent press release.

"Domino's truly provides a fantastic opportunity to those who show initiative and a desire to advance," he continues.

The award, which focuses on a wide array of components such as team member morale, store safety and security as well as community involvement, makes Edler an elite franchise owner in the United States.

Scott Hinshaw, Domino's executive vice president of franchise operations and development notes in the same press release that Brian is truly a man who worked his way to the top, completely embodying the principles that Domino's stands for.

"The idea of beginning as a driver and working your way toward fulfilling the dream of becoming an award-winning franchise owner is what Domino's is all about," Hinshaw says in the release, adding that Dominos has a strong pattern of delivery drivers successfully achieving ownership status.

Says Hinshaw, "Brian's personal commitment, leadership and determination to grow his franchise made him tremendously successful in 2014."

-Malone Ryan