Oregon proposal would outlaw sneak photos up women's skirts

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Columbus CEO

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A proposal advancing in the Oregon Legislature would close a loophole in state law that allowed a man to go unpunished after taking photos up a teenager's skirt.

Under the bill, surreptitiously taking pictures up women's dresses without their consent would be classified as a misdemeanor.

The state Senate unanimously passed the measure Tuesday, three months after an Oregon judge ruled a 61-year-old man did nothing illegal when he snapped photos up a teen's skirt in a Target store.

The judge found the act didn't violate the state's existing voyeurism laws because the girl was clothed and in a public place.

Several other states — including Kentucky, Florida, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania — have passed measures outlawing so-called upskirt photos, while a similar bill in Wisconsin stalled in the Senate.

The Oregon proposal heads back to the House for consensus.


HB 2596