Toho sues US studio, alleges Godzilla copyright violation

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Columbus CEO

TOKYO (AP) — Japanese movie studio Toho Co. is suing Voltage Pictures and director Nacho Vigalondo, complaining of copyright and trademark infringements in an upcoming film.

Toho spokesman Makoto Hanari said Wednesday that a lawsuit was filed Tuesday in a California court, but declined to discuss details.

Voltage Pictures President and Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Deckter declined to comment.

Toho created Godzilla with its 1954 classic film, owns the rights to the character and licenses it out for figures and video games, as well as Hollywood remakes, such as last year's "Godzilla" movie directed by Gareth Edwards.

The current complaint is over buzz that Los Angeles-based Voltage is trying to create for Vigalondo's upcoming film "Colossal" that Toho says uses Godzilla images without permission or payment.