Olive Garden's latest plan: Breadstick sandwiches

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO

NEW YORK (AP) — Olive Garden's plan to win back customers? Take the breadsticks it's known for and make sandwiches out of them.

The restaurant chain known for its unlimited breadsticks says it plans to use them for chicken parmigiana and meatball sandwiches starting June 1.

The plans for the breadstick sandwiches are just the latest attempt to revamp Olive Garden's menu and marketing. Justin Sikora, a Darden representative, says the breadsticks used for the sandwiches will be a bit shorter and wider than the regular breadsticks.

And as with all other dishes, the sandwiches come with unlimited breadsticks.

Those unlimited breadsticks were featured in a dispute with an investor, Starboard Capital, last year. Among other criticisms of Olive Garden's parent company, Darden Restauarants Inc., Starboard said Olive Garden gave out too many breadsticks.