Airbus shares fall after Spain military cargo plane crash

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Columbus CEO

MADRID (AP) — Investors are pushing Airbus shares down on Paris' stock exchange after a military turboprop troop transporter plane undergoing final flight testing before delivery in Spain crashed, killing four aboard and injuring two.

Airbus shares were down 3.4 percent to 61.23 euros ($68.51) Monday morning as authorities investigated what caused the A400M to crash Saturday into a farm field after taking off from Seville, where the planes are assembled.

Malaysia confirmed that it was grounding its A400M plane pending results of the crash probe.

Britain, Germany and Turkey grounded theirs over the weekend and France says it will only use A400M aircraft in urgent operations.

Airbus in January dismissed the head of its military program after governments including Germany, France and Turkey complained about delays in the 20-billion-euro A400M program.