Panel backs plan for nuclear waste disposal near Lake Huron

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Columbus CEO

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — A Canadian advisory panel has endorsed a long-debated plan to bury waste from nuclear power plants less than a mile from Lake Huron.

The Joint Review Panel made its recommendation Wednesday in a report to Canada's environment minister, who is expected to render a decision within 120 days.

Publicly owned Ontario Power Generation wants to bury 7.1 million cubic feet of low- and intermediate-level waste from nuclear plants about 2,230 feet below the earth's surface at the Bruce Power generating station near Kincardine, Ontario.

Company officials say it would be entombed in rock and wouldn't reach the lake. Opponents say there's no way assure that, as some material would be radioactive for centuries.

The advisory panel says it concluded the project is unlikely to harm the environment, including Lake Huron.