Guest blog: Developing a video-marketing plan

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO

By Doug Dibert

1.) What target(s) are you wanting to hit? Do you want to tell your company's brand story? Are you wanting to create a series of FAQ videos about a product or service you offer? Are you using it for an email marketing campaign? Get with your team and talk about what you want the end results to be, define that end goal clearly.

2.) How many videos do you need to create and how long do they need to be? Some may need only one video, others may need a series of videos. For time length, a general rule of thumb is keep your videos under 2 minutes, although in some applications it can be longer. If you decide to hire a professional video production company they will need to know how many videos you want to create and how long they need to be in order to give you a cost.

3.) DIY or professional video producing company? These days, everybody wants to DIY. It's ok for some applications, and some it's not. That something you and your team are going to have to figure out. Do you have someone in house that knows how to create videos? If so, give them a shot and see what the end results is. You never know, you may have a Steven Spielberg on your hands. If Mr. Spielberg isn't on staff then you need to hire a professional company to create your video content. The reason why you want your video to look professional is your video content will reflect your brand. A good cost estimate to create your content is around $1,000 per finished minute, give or take. Go with a company that connects really well to your project, is passionate about what you want to create, and gives you lots of ideas.

4.) What Video Marketing Platforms do I use? You have your obvious of putting your video embedded on your website, but there is also email marketing, YouTube channel, Facebook Video Ads and Twitter videos and much more. Knowing your core audience will help you determine which platform will work well for you to distribute to your eager audience.

These four steps will help you craft a pretty solid foundation for your video marketing plan. Don't wait another day and miss the video marketing boat. Build your boat, lift up the sails, and catch that wind to a new world!

Doug Dibert is owner of Crossing River Studios, a Columbus-based video producing and marketing company. He may be reached at 419-346-7979 or