Greece lauds German president's call for possible redress

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ATHENS, Greece (AP) — A top Greek lawmaker has welcomed German President Joachim Gauck's call for his country to consider World War II redress to Greece as a gesture "of historical significance."

In an interview with the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung, Gauck said "It's the right thing to do for a history-conscious country like ours to consider what possibilities there might be for reparations."

Noting that Gauck's remarks became known Friday, the anniversary of a 1944 mass execution of Greek resistance fighters by German occupying forces, Parliament Speaker Zoi Constantopoulou said Gauck's call was directly related to Greece's pressure for reparations.

Greece has said its Treasury has estimated the German reparations owed from World War II at 278.7 billion euros ($312.1 billion).

Germany officially says the issue of reparations has been settled.