Recalls this week: Kaleidoscope toys, batteries

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Columbus CEO

A line of portable jumpstart batteries that can overheat and cause a fire are among this week's recalled consumer products. Others include electric bicycles that can also overheat and kaleidoscope toys with parts that are dangerous to small children.


DETAILS: Jump&Go Portable jumpstart & power supply 12-volt power supplies, with model numbers starting with WJS-3000. They are pocket-sized jumpstart power supplies with detachable jumper cables, built-in high output LED flashlight with emergency flashing patterns, and a USB port to charge phones, tablets and cameras among other electronic devices. The Jump&Go and Whistler logos are printed on the front of the unit. Recalled units have date codes in YYYY/WW format from 201404 through 201439. The model number and date code are on the back of the unit under the colored silicone boot. The date code is stamped directly on the case adjacent to the operational label. The model number is on the operational label. They were sold at Hammacher Schlemmer, Radio Shack, Walmart and other retail stores nationwide and online at, and from May 2014 to October 2014.

WHY: The jumpstart's lithium battery can overheat and cause the units to melt, catch fire and ignite nearby items, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

INCIDENTS: 45 reports of jumpstart and power supply units overheating and melting, including 18 reports of fire, resulting in approximately $16,000 in property damage. No injuries have been reported.

HOW MANY: About 10,400.

FOR MORE: Call Whistler at 855-667-9081 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday or visit and click on Safety Recall at the bottom of the page for more information.


DETAILS: H-E-Buddy kaleidoscopes made of red plastic with "H-E-Buddy" on the barrel. They were sold at H-E-B and H-E-B Plus stores in Texas from April 1, 2015 to April 3, 2015 as a prize for accumulated purchase points.

WHY: The end caps of the kaleidoscope can be removed and expose small parts that can come loose and pose a choking hazard to small children and internal components that pose a risk of laceration.

INCIDENTS: None reported.

HOW MANY: About 35,000.

FOR MORE: Call H-E-Buddy Prize Line at 800-399-0629 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT daily or visit and click on "HEBuddy Kaleidoscope recall information" for more information.


DETAILS: 36-volt and 48-volt lithium ion rechargeable batteries sold separately and as original equipment with Pedego electric bikes. Recalled batteries of each voltage came in two styles. One style has a silver or black metal case that measures about 13 ½ inches long, 6 ½ inches wide and 2 ½ inches high, with black plastic end caps and a handle. The other style has a black or white plastic case that measures about 14 inches long, 6 ½ inches wide and 2 ½ inches high with a red indicator lamp on one end. The batteries have serial numbers that start with "DLG." A label with the serial number is on one side of the metal batteries and on the underside of the plastic batteries. They were sold at bicycle stores and electric bike retailers and online at from January 2010 through September 2013.

WHY: The batteries can overheat, posing a fire hazard.

INCIDENTS: Six reports of batteries overheating and catching fire, including one report of property damage. No injuries have been reported.

HOW MANY: About 5,000.

FOR MORE: Call Pedego Electric Bikes at 888-870-9754 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT, send email to, or visit and click on "Voluntary Battery Recall" for more information.


DETAILS: The recall involves IKEA SULTAN and VYSSA crib mattresses with the following model names: SULTAN BLUNDA, SULTAN DRÖMMA, SULTAN SNARKA, SULTAN SUSSA, VYSSA VACKERT, VYSSA VINKA, VYSSA SPELEVINK, VYSSA SLÖA and VYSSA SLUMMER. The recalled mattresses are 52 inches long and 27 ½ inches wide and were manufactured on May 4, 2014 or earlier. An identification label attached to the mattress cover has the date of manufacture in Month-DD-YY format or YY-WW format and the SULTAN or VYSSA model name. In the YY-WW format, mattresses with a date code of 14-18 or earlier are being recalled.

WHY: The crib mattresses could create a gap between the mattress and crib ends larger than allowed by federal regulations, posing an entrapment hazard to infants.

INCIDENTS: Two reports of infants becoming entrapped between the mattress and an end of the crib. The children were removed from the gap without injury.

HOW MANY: About 300,000. Previously, about 169,000 VYSSA crib mattresses were recalled in January 2015. This expansion includes about 131,000 SULTAN crib mattresses.

FOR MORE: Call IKEA toll-free at 888-966-4532 anytime visit at and click on Product Recall near the bottom of the page for more information.