Columbus Chamber Report: 3 ways to boost your brand's presence on social media

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Columbus CEO

Almost on a daily basis, I meet with members of the Columbus Chamber who are craving social media insight. The biggest question I get asked is, "What do I need to do?" Below are three of the most common conversations we have regarding social media.

Times have changed. Two years ago, Facebook started initiating changes in its algorithm. In other words-they played with giving you direct visibility to certain types of content. At first they experimented with it by prioritizing posts with images in your feed. Then they prioritized news posts in your feed.

All of this tinkering led to a big change for brands on Facebook. If you have a brand page, your content will only be prioritized if you pay to have it promoted to your followers and other Facebook users.

The days of posting something on Facebook and watching the engagement numbers go through the roof are long gone. Even with a small budget behind your posts, the overall reach and efficacy will pale in comparison to what you were seeing a year ago. If Facebook is the only social channel you have, you should start broadening your social presence.

A brand cannot find success on just one channel. Having a multi-channel presence will benefit your brand in many ways. But before you start launching new social channels, it's important to figure out what works best for your brand. Understand that each channel has a different community; people who are on Snapchat are not the same people who are on Facebook. In order to reach your target demographic, you need to analyze each channel and decide if it aligns with your marketing goals and targets. Being on more channels may also contribute to your SEO. Social media sites with public profiles such as Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn actually get pulled into search engine terms.

In addition to your social community seeing your post, you're also adding another element of digital exposure because your post may also populate on search engines like Google. Because of this, having a presence on Google+ is a great idea if you're looking for a cheap and effective way to contribute to your SEO.

Since Google+ is a Google initiative, Google prioritizes its social channel content over other social channels when pulling in search results. And while we're talking about social presence, we need to talk about content.

Probably the most common mistake a brand or company makes is to post something and forget about it. When people comment on your content, engage with their reaction. It takes effort, so I've found it best to schedule a block of time to execute a social media post.

After the post is deployed, take a few minutes to check and respond to messages, comments, and shares related to your new and previous content. Take another few minutes and look for related content in your community. The easiest way to do this is by doing a hashtag search related to your field or subject matter and jump into conversations. Engagement with a brand is always a fun, well-received effort in social communities.

Five or ten years ago, having a social media presence was an advantage, but now it is a necessity. When done right, it can add an amazing ROI to your business and can be more cost-effective than most traditional forms of marketing.

If you're looking for guidance and insight on how social media can help your business grow, just give us a call at the Columbus Chamber. Better yet, tweet us: @columbuschamber.

Dilara Casey is thedirector ofmarketingand communications at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce.