Federal rail chief says ticketing important to rail safety

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Columbus CEO

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. (AP) — The head of the Federal Railroad Administration has stumped in New York for increased education and enforcement of safety regulations at railway crossings.

Acting Administrator Sarah Feinberg on Tuesday promoted the agency's safety campaign, which calls for increased police patrols and ticketing. It was prompted by fatal crashes in New York and California.

At the invitation of a local congresswoman, Feinberg and other officials gathered at a Metro-North Railroad crossing in Chappaqua (CHAP'-uh-kwah) that some residents say is dangerous. It's just a few miles up the line from a crossing in Valhalla where six people were killed in a February collision.

Feinberg said motorists who get ticketed for grade crossing violations are much less likely to break the law again.

The president of the railroad said 326 tickets have been issued this year.