Selfie sticks: French, UK attractions latest to impose ban

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PARIS (AP) — A French palace and a British museum have joined the growing list of global tourist attractions to ban "selfie sticks" — devices visitors use to improve snapshots, but which critics say are obnoxious and potentially dangerous.

Officials at Chateau de Versailles and Britain's National Gallery announced the ban Wednesday, saying they need to protect artworks and other visitors.

The sprawling 17th-century Versailles palace is where Louis XIV established his kingdom's seat of government 14 miles (20 kilometers) west of Paris. It attracts 7.5 million tourists a year. Visitors may still use their sticks in the chateau's courtyard or in the vast park and gardens surrounding the palace.

The British Museum is "currently reviewing" its selfie-stick policy.


Jill Lawless in London contributed to this report.