Delta Air Lines accident is latest at New York's LaGuardia

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Columbus CEO

A Delta Air Lines jet skidded off a runway and crashed through a fence after landing Thursday at New York's LaGuardia Airport.

Here are some other accidents involving planes taking off from or landing at the airport, which is tucked along the East River and Flushing Bay:

— 2013: The nose landing gear on a Southwest Airlines jet collapsed after a hard landing, causing the plane to veer off the runway into a grassy area. Sixteen passengers and crew members were hurt. Southwest fired the captain and required additional training for the co-pilot.

— 2009: A US Airways jet ditched in the Hudson River after both engines failed when they ingested birds shortly after takeoff from LaGuardia. All 155 people on board were safe ; Captain Chesley Sullenberger and other crew members were hailed as heroes.

— 1994: A Continental Airlines jet skidded into rocks at the edge of Flushing Bay after the pilots aborted a takeoff during a snowstorm. Authorities said there were only minor injuries among the 115 passengers and crew members.

— 1993: A Continental Airlines jet skidded off a runway during takeoff in a snowstorm, injuring seven of the 116 people on board the Denver-bound plane. Safety investigators said instruments in the cockpit contributed to the crash.

— 1992: A USAir plane crashed into Flushing Bay shortly after takeoff, killing 27 of the 51 people on board, including the captain of the Cleveland-bound plane. The National Transportation Safety Board blamed inadequate procedures for de-icing planes and faulted the crew for taking off without knowing whether the wings were still free of ice after the takeoff was delayed 35 minutes.

— 1989: A USAir jet with 63 people on board skidded into the East River and broke apart after the pilots aborted the takeoff. Two passengers died and dozens were taken to hospitals. Some were rescued as they clung to driftwood or huddled on the wing of the Boeing 737. The NTSB blamed pilot error, including failure to notice improperly set controls for the plane's rudder.

— 1957: Shortly after takeoff, a Northeast flight to Miami crashed on Rikers Island, killing 20 of the 101 occupants. Investigators blamed pilot error.

— 1947: A United Airlines plane crashed through a fence during an aborted takeoff and caught fire, killing 48 of the 91 occupants. The Civil Aeronautics Board blamed pilot error.