Clarification: Health Overhaul-Republicans story

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO

WASHINGTON (AP) — In some versions of a story published Oct. 20, 2014, The Associated Press reported that Ohio Gov. John Kasich said in an AP interview he did not believe lawmakers in Washington would repeal the health care law if Republicans won control of the U.S. Senate.

Kasich was responding to a question about the expansion of Medicaid. When he said he thought "it" would not be repealed, the AP initially understood him to be referring to the entire health care law, known formally as the Affordable Care Act, since Medicaid expansion is part of that law and not a separate piece of legislation. Kasich later told the AP he had been referring only to the expansion of Medicaid. The AP's initial story should have made this distinction.

The AP's story should have made clear that Kasich often discusses Medicaid expansion separately from the law as a whole, and that the governor did not backtrack from his earlier statement in the second interview. The AP's initial versions of the story should have said Kasich believes the health care law should be repealed.