Greece will not seek another bailout, prime minister says

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ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greece's prime minister says the country won't seek a third bailout deal, having succeeded in separating the loan agreement from the "disastrous" austerity conditions imposed with the willing cooperation of previous governments.

Alexis Tsipras spoke Saturday at the start of a two-day meeting of his party's, central committee. The Syriza committee will elect a new general secretary and members of the political secretariat, replacing those members who were elected to Parliament in the January election. Tsipras is Syriza's president.

Tsipras warned that, although a "difficult battle in a long and difficult war" was won with the loan extension, difficulties lie ahead.

"We said...many noes in the past few days," despite the sometimes unbearable pressure and blackmail, Tsipras told the party members.