German finance minister skeptical on quick Greek solution

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Columbus CEO

BERLIN (AP) — Germany's finance minister says he's very skeptical that officials from the 19 countries that use the euro will reach a deal on Greece's debt when they meet on Monday.

The new Greek government is seeking short-term "bridge financing" until a new solution to Greece's crushing debt load is found.

Asked if he expects a solution at Monday's meeting of eurozone finance ministers, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said that what he's heard of technical-level talks over the weekend makes him "very skeptical."

Schaeuble told Deutschlandfunk radio that "Greece must see that you can't keep living above your means and then keep making proposals for how others should pay even more."

Schaeuble said: "I feel sorry for the Greeks. They've elected a government that's behaving pretty irresponsibly at the moment."