Anti-abuse label approved for painkiller Embeda

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says it has approved new labeling for another opioid designed to limit painkiller abuse.

The FDA said Friday that Pfizer Inc.'s Embeda can have labeling indicating that it has properties expected to reduce abuse of the drug when it is crushed and taken orally or snorted.

Embeda, when crushed, has a component that blocks some of the euphoric effects abusers seek. But when swallowed intact, it can still be misused. It is still unknown if the drug will reduce intravenous abuse.

The FDA has been under intense public pressure to combat the national epidemic of prescription opioid abuse.

Embeda is the third extended-release opioid to be approved with labeling describing its abuse-deterrent properties in line with new FDA standards.