Obama: 'Unequivocally committed' to net neutrality

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Columbus CEO

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) — President Barack Obama says he is "unequivocally committed" to keeping the Internet free and open, a concept known as "net neutrality."

Net neutrality is the idea that Internet service providers shouldn't block, manipulate or slow data moving across their networks.

Obama credits net neutrality with unleashing the power of the Internet. He says he doesn't want to lose that power or "clog up the pipes."

The Federal Communications Commission is working on new rules to govern the transmission of Internet content. That's because a federal court earlier this year overturned key portions of an open Internet regulation the agency adopted in 2010.

Obama says he also remains opposed to paid arrangements between Internet service providers and content providers.

He commented Thursday in California during an economic town hall with "millennials."