Ex-wife of Glock founder sues him over millions

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Columbus CEO

ATLANTA (AP) — The ex-wife of Gaston Glock, founder of the firearms company, in a lawsuit Thursday accused him and his associates of conspiring to cheat her out of millions of dollars.

They participated in a worldwide racketeering scheme aimed at taking money from Helga Glock through various criminal methods, including improper royalty payments, laundering money through fraudulent billing companies, and sham lease and loan agreements, the lawsuit claims.

They "stole and laundered money using a tangled web of fictive legal relationships, offshore business entities, and international financial transactions," the lawsuit says.

A woman who answered the phone in the media relations department at Glock Inc., the company's U.S. headquarters referred questions to the company's lawyer but then hung up before giving a name or contact number. She did not answer when called back and did not immediately return a message.

Several lawyers who have previously represented Glock Inc. in legal disputes did not immediately respond to emails seeking comment.

Gaston Glock and his associates deprived her of financial benefits she should have gotten through her ownership interest in the Austrian parent company and its "primary economic engine," Glock Inc., which is based in metro Atlanta, the lawsuit says.

"The object of their scheme was to siphon, divert, and hide monies and assets away from the view and reach of Ms. Glock," the lawsuit says.