You have a phone. Do you need HTC's video camera?

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO

NEW YORK (AP) — Everywhere you look people are using smartphones and tablets to snap pictures and film concerts, speeches — their kids' ballet recitals — and instantly share the experiences with friends and family. At many events people aren't even looking at the stage, they are watching through their screens.

HTC thinks there's a better way — and they're betting you won't mind carrying around an extra device about the size of a roll of mints. With the new Re camera gripped discreetly in your hands, you can take stills and video while still experiencing the event directly — not through a viewfinder. No more annoying people behind you by blocking their views with your phone or tablet. (In fact, no one may realize you're filming at all. Hmm. HTC says the Re will at least make a sound when you take a picture or start recording.)

The Re marks HTC's effort to expand beyond smartphones. Its flagship HTC One smartphone earns high praise from users but the company's global market share is tiny compared with Apple and Samsung. According to IDC, HTC's market share was less than 2 percent in the second quarter, the latest period available.